Introducing my Winslow culottes!


These amazing culottes are from Helen’s Closet. As you can probably guess already, I love them!

This pattern was so easy to sew together, and that’s thanks to both the simple, yet elegant design, and also the very detailed and clear instructions. There is a sewalong on Helen’s website, but I didn’t find it was necessary. The pattern is classed as an advanced beginner, but I think it can easily been seen as just a beginner pattern. The invisible zip is the only real technical aspect of the pattern. I also love that as part of the instructions, Helen has given hacking tips. I don’t think I have ever known a pattern to actively tell you how to hack them into something different!!

culottes hack

I used this gorgeous Prada self-lined suiting crepe from Minerva Crafts. The crepe gives a good enough drape for the midi length, but was weighty enough that it didn’t distort while walking. The last weekend was so hot, which was unfortunate as the lining aspect of the culottes made them a bit too hot for me!

I also didn’t pay attention to the fact that the crepe was described as having a bit of a stretch to it, so when I tried the culottes on they were too big. I did a quick fix as I wanted to wear the culottes to an event, but I will definitely be doing a proper fix of this when I get time. This should then take some of the bulk away from my waist and make the legs a bit narrower (not that this is an issue as there is plenty of room!).

Culottes 2

I think these will become a summer staple for me! I am already planning the next ones… possibly some floral lightweight cotton lawn ones…!

Culottes 3

Hope everyone is having a lovely week,

Love, Abigail x

4 thoughts on “Introducing my Winslow culottes!

  1. These look so great on you, Abigail! I love the view and fabric you chose, they look like a match made in heaven. I’m glad you enjoyed the pattern and are pleased with the finished make! Thanks for sewing 🙂 ❤


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