Sewing room envy

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend full of sewing and fun stuff! I had a lovely weekend with my two best friends in London. Lots of champagne and cake was consumed, and not a single bit of sewing.

I couldn’t get my head in the game anyway, as today I’ve had two wisdom teeth removed and I had a lot of anxiety about it beforehand.

My dentist is back home, so I’ve had a bit of time at my parents house. This has been our home since I was 6 years old, and is filled with a lot of great memories. After I bought my house, my mum was so jealous of my sewing room that she created one for herself… In my old bedroom. There are significantly less hedgehog cushions than when I lived there, but still the same gorgeous wallpaper that I picked at 13! I do not know how I managed to pick such a gorgeous one when I was so unstylish!!!

Mum’s sewing space is much smaller than mine, but even so I have serious sewing room envy. Mum is a very tidy person and her sewing room is pristine! It’s so nice to be in!! Even her scissors are lined up nicely…

A few years ago I bought Mum this wonderful fabric, which she then used to make this very cool sewing mat. Great for sewing machines that have a tendency to slide around while you sew (there is a rubber base to cause friction and stop the moving).

I have been teaching my Mum how to make the moneta dress over FaceTime, and I was very happy to see her pattern in pride of place in this awesome sewing room. She has been sewing since she was a young girl, and has been teaching me to sew since I was a little girl. It’s so nice that we have this together and was freaky teaching her some new techniques, but doesn’t she look incredible in her Moneta dress while in Italy!?!

I am definitely motivated to tidy my own sewing room now, and make the most of my space! My room is about double the size, but I am ashamed about how messy it actually is (I did not get my Mum’s tidy gene). My space is more stressful than enjoyable to be in! Hopefully not for long.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week and enjoying your own sewing spaces.

Love, Abigail x

2 thoughts on “Sewing room envy

  1. That’s so nice that you taught your mum over FaceTime and that you have a shared hobby. Me and my mum run together but it’s not the same as teaching a skill is it? I tried to teach her to knit once and it did not go well.

    I feel your pain with the messy sewing room. Mine is horrendous.


    1. Haha Leigh I completely understand why the teaching to knit didn’t go well. Its what we had at the beginning with sewing. Must be hard as a mum to be taught something by someone who use to nurse/put to bed etc.


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