Winslow meets Art Gallery denim!

Hi everyone!

Today I want to share with you all my latest Winslow culottes! I love them so much, and that has a lot to do with the fabric choice…

Art gallery denim!!

I got the fabric from Sew Hot. I hadn’t shopped with Sew Hot before but they were super duper quick to deliver. Now Art Gallery is lovely, but it is rather pricey. And their denim is even more pricey! So I was a little hesitant, but I saw photos online of people’s makes and I couldn’t resist any longer.

(Photos taken from both the Art Gallery website and Google images)

I bought the fabric back in April, and it was originally going to be a dress. But my recently love for the Winslow culottes changed my plans and I am so pleased they did.

The denim itself is a nice light weight denim which means it isn’t bulky for the pleats, and I stayed relative cool in the hot weather. Their first outing was the Sewing Weekender organised by the FoldLine and Charlotte from English Girl at Home, which was such a great event! I highly recommend it when the next one comes around. I unfortunately didn’t take a single photograph myself of the weekend and inside the event. But many other people did, and there are some wonderful blog posts about it!!

A lot of people complimented me on my culottes during the Sewing Weekender, but actually most people thought it was a skirt until I showed them otherwise! Definite win for Helen’s design there!

I do feel like I’ve increased my skills with this project, with the zip being my best yet, and also how neat and tidy the insides are, with bonus hand stitching…

Although the insides are only seen by me, I do think the extra time spent was well worth it and gives that more professional finish.

I actually did a length in between view B and C. I simply folded the pattern piece to be exactly half way in between, but hemming to make it straight took off another few inches in some areas! I do think the culottes sitting just below my knees is a more flattering length on my legs so I’m very happy with this adaption.

Massive thank you goes to the lovely Megan from Pigeon Wishes for taking these wonderful photographs at the weekend! I will be back to my rubbish iPhone for the next blog post… 😦

Hope everyone has a great bank holiday weekend filled with lots of sewing time! I’m off to find some more Art Gallery denim 😉

Take care,

Love Abigail x

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