Autumn Monetas!! 

Hi everyone,

I have been super busy and haven’t had much time at all to blog! But luckily for me there has been a small amount of sewing time…

Last week I did start thinking of my Autumn wardrobe and what I would like it to include. Although I want to sew a jacket, I didn’t have the supplies ready, so I decided to sew up two monetas. All in time for two important days at work!

While I love both of these dresses and what they look like, I do wish I had considered the way the fabric stretched before I made them.

Firstly, the aubergine fabric was from Sew Over It, and it is lovely! BUT I didn’t consider that it stretched in both ways before I made it. So the bodice is actually too long for me. It’s an easy fix but is a hassle with having to re do the elastic.

The other dress is using fabric from Fab Works Mill Shop in Leeds. I get a lot of fabric from them as they have a great selection and the delivery is always so fast! Great for a project that you want to start as soon as possible.

This fabric does not have much stretch lengthways. So while I used the same bodice pattern piece for both dresses, this one is considerably shorter in the body and so only just sits on my waist!

That being said, I do prefer this second dress. Mostly because it hasn’t stretched out in the length! Such a shame about the first one as the fabric is so me.

The one thing I do love about both dresses is the sleeves! I’ve only done one 3/4 sleeve moneta before and I have no idea why I didn’t do more before. I love them so much I even jumped for joy 😉

Hope everyone has a great end to the week! I have a special weekend coming up with some gorgeous friends, and it includes a special dress too! Can’t wait to show you all.

Love, Abigail x

10 thoughts on “Autumn Monetas!! 

      1. Well, if you ever fancy a trip up here, shout, I’ll happily play tour guide! It is rather an Aladdin’s cave of a place, I couldn’t believe it when I first went in there.


  1. Super dresses, the fabrics are both lovely, shame about the bodice length though. I can never tell what’s going to happen until it’s too late and sewn up, so frustrating as redoing it takes so much longer than doing it in the first place.


    1. Thanks so much Lynsey. Yes redoing things is the worst bit about sewing. It’s why I rarely do my corrections. I think I will leave them as they are- the desire to make new things is too great.


  2. Hi. Only just discovered you. Love your Monetas and am keen try try one myself, having recently returned to sewing after about 15 years (too busy with children, work and life!). I am curious however, when you say one has a two-way stretch so was too long, but the other has a one-way and so the bodice only just long enough to reach the waist. Which is better? ANd if a one way stretch, I presume the stretch should be horizontal? Thanks.


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