My Viva Moneta 

Hi everyone,

I haven’t blogged for a while as I have concentrated on two massive events going on in my life at the moment… My PhD viva and my closest friends wedding.

I have been doing a little bit of sewing though for these events! So that has been my stress reliever (kind of, but that will all be explained in the next blog post).

My viva was yesterday, and I am so happy to say I passed with only one correction. This is unheard of, and everyone around my department are shocked. I can’t believe it myself either, as I had mentally prepared for a lot worse, but I am over the moon. This has been four years of hard work doing the research, but along side that I have also been doing a long distance relationship with my now fiancé. The only words I wanted to hear when I came out was that it was worth it, and its safe to say it was!!

In the preparations for the viva I decided that a moneta dress was the best option… It is both comfortable and can be very smart. The done thing is to wear black and white for a viva. I really wanted to wear something bright and colourful, but didn’t want to also look like I wasn’t taking it seriously. I opted for a liberty jersey which is technically black and white (and a bit of pink!) but had a fun element to it too.

I really love Liberty jersey, as it has a great soft feel to it. The only issue is due to the four directional stretch, whenever I put things in my pockets, like my phone, it feels like the pockets are really dropping and stretching too much.

The dress overall took me a longer to sew than usual due to revising, so this one was actually 3 weeks in the making. I am having a sleeve obsession at the moment, and love the look of the moneta tie with the 3/4 length sleeves.

The morning of the viva I had such bad anxiety that I was thankful actually to take blog photos in the garden. It meant I didn’t think about the ineviatable “doom” (that was how I felt before the start of the viva) for just a few minutes. But it was no where near as bad as I thought, and it was so nice to come out and be welcomed by my research colleagues, my parents and a glass of champagne!

I actually actually express how happy I am to have finished this process, and to never have to go through another exam ever again! It is very cheesy, but Gary also deserves a lot of the credit for this… Every time I wanted to quit or cry in a corner, he would remind me how much I actually wanted it, and refused to let me give in! (Our family motto is Nortons never quit, so he would say that to me a lot!)

(What a cheesy, over excited photograph of myself!!)

Anyway, I am hoping to get back a tiny bit more of a reality, and actually enjoy the sewing and relaxing.

Hope everyone is well, and enjoying the middle of the week! Nearly the weekend…

Love, Abigail x

10 thoughts on “My Viva Moneta 

  1. Wow! Well done Abi. I can’t believe you squeezed a Moneta into the mix there. You are truly a super-woman and the fact you only made one mistake in your VIVA is amazing! (what is a viva? Is it a Q&A about your research?)
    It sounds like your chap is one lovely bloke and it’s great that he was chanting Nortons never quit at you! A brilliant motivator. I had a similar experience when doing my MA whilst working full time – my other half was very good at reminding me why I was writing my thesis when I wanted to quit (so many times).


    1. Yeah so the viva is the oral exam at the end of a PhD. So I wrote a 170 page thesis and the viva is me defending it.
      Aww we are both so lucky to have these men in our lives who keeps us motivated! I can imagine we would have both regretted it if we had given up.


  2. Congratulations! Not just on passing, but on getting over the anxiety before hand too, that could have messed things up for you. And your dress…perfect for the occasion and it’ll bring a smile to you and be a lovely reminder every time you wear it 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Hun!! It nearly did mess things up for me. I was so bad that I nearly didn’t go to the uni but my dad was brilliant and forced me into the car. Haha.
      It’s funny that I’m actually looking forward to wearing the dress again! Such a great feeling

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  3. Congratulations Abigail on all fronts! A beautiful dress to wear to a much deserved graduation and engagement to a man who appreciates and celebrates your gifts.


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