November Fabric Haul

Hi everyone,

I have not been sewing recently as I have been moving my sewing room around. I am hoping to be done soon, and hopefully have the room to be a really creative, but soothing, atmosphere. Currently it is chaotic and not fun to be in!

Although I have not been sewing, that does not mean there has been no fabric shopping. So todays blog post will be about my latest fabric purchases and my ideas for each one…

All of my November haul has come from Fabric Godmother. I have not previously bought from Fabric Godmother, but I have spent many an afternoon swooning over their fabric collection! I finally bit the bullet and made a purchase, and I am so happy that I did.


The fabrics are so lovely and I am really hoping these boost my sewing mojo! Unlike usual, I did actually have a plan for each purchase before I put them into my online basket… how restrained of me! ha!

So first up we have a gold spot ponte roma. The spots are actually like small studs, and I think this will make a great blazer for the party season! I will use the Morris blazer from Grainline Studio. I have had this blazer pattern for a really long time but haven’t quite got round to making it. That will definitely change now!

With party season right around the corner I am actually not sure if I will have time to make a toile! I know I should as I haven’t made the blazer before, and the fabric is not exactly cheap, but I also don’t want to miss the party season! You guys might have to persuade me to actually make one…


Up next is this amazing floral viscous jersey…


This one is called midnight garden jersey, and feels really nice and silky, and as a fantastic drape to it! Everyone knows that I love a moneta dress, and normally I would just say in seconds that it would be the moneta. But when I felt the silky nature and saw the drape, I didn’t think the structured nature of the moneta would do the fabric justice! So I have the pdf of the Myrtle dress, which if you haven’t seen it before, has a lovely draped cowl neckline. I think these two will be absolutely perfect together! So I will get this done as soon as possible as I am actually excited.


Last, but not least, is a fantastic floral velvet. I had my eye on this one a few weeks earlier, but it sold out so fast! So I was so happy when they posted that they had it back in, and I rushed to the website to buy it.



For the velvet, I am not entirely sure if it should become another blazer or a really fancy party dress! So I am very welcome for suggestions! I have heard that velvet is very “on trend” at the moment, and I have seen both velvet blazers and velvet midi dresses in loads of high street shops, which has made the decision making even more difficult… As I liked the ones in the shops so much!

Please leave ideas in the comments! Thank you in advance…

Love, Abigail x


Gold spot ponte roma: £15 per meter (

Floral jersey: £24 per meter (

Floral velvet: £21 per meter (

All ideas and opinions are my own, and I have not been paid to write about these products and have not been gifted any of the fabrics. 


4 thoughts on “November Fabric Haul

  1. A lovely fabric haul. I am looking forward to seeing your makes.
    Maybe the velvet should be a dress rather than a blazer as you are already making the Grainline Morris blazer? Whatever you choose to make they are going to look gorgeous as your fabric choices are lovely!


  2. Love your new fabric, especially the velvet. Have you made the Victoria blazer before? I’ve made it in a ponte knit and also the Morris, and I think Victoria is smarter looking, in a smart casual sort of way. There’s a gorgeous green velvet Victoria blazer out there that’s I’ve seen recently. 😀


  3. Lovely selection of fabrics. I am also planning my first Morris blazer over the next month so perhaps we can remind each other to make all a toile 😇

    Either a dress or another blazer would look good in the velvet. For me it would come down to which I would get more wear from, as that fabric is too nice to linger in a pile or in a wardrobe.


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