Gertie’s wrap top

Hey everyone,

I am a massive dress lover, but during the colder months I am always seeking to find good ways to layer up and stay warm. I have a RTW top from New Look which I adore. I wear this jumper every week and wish I had more, and one in every colour ever! But unfortunately they don’t exist anymore.

I have been looking for a similar sewing pattern for a while now, but hadn’t found ones that I liked. But then Lucy from Sew Essential contacted me a few months ago to ask if I would like for do a blog post with one of their fabrics. So I had a look on their website and saw the Gertie wrap top and thought this could also be a perfect fix for my winter issues.

I picked some John Kaldor Portia fabric in magenta, which was listed as a medium weight polyester jersey. Lucy had only just advertised this fabric on their instagram account and I really liked it so I feel very lucky that I got 2 meters. The geometric/pixilated print is very different to what I usually wear, but the colours are definitely my comfort zone.

When the fabric arrived I just couldn’t wait and pre-washed straight away, but didn’t have time to sew it for about 4 weeks. Generally the fabric felt really silky and had a great drape to it (I do think the fabric deserves a more drapey pattern, which is a shame).

I usaually avoid patterns from the Big 4, as I have had bad experiences in the past with the sizings and also the instructions. But this is the design I really wanted so I tried to just stay positive.

(I actually found a Gertie sew-along after finishing my top, which I do wish I had seen beforehand. There are photographs for each step which make so much more sense than the written instructions. Live and learn I guess!)

There were so many markings to transfer which I usually skip over, but with the shape of the pattern piece being so odd I thought I should probably be good and do as I was told by the pattern company. I’m very pleased I did. The fabric was so easy to handle and although it feels silky, it stayed pretty stable during the process. I can’t imagine how hard this pattern would be if the fabric was lighter in weight or less stable!!

The pattern is so easy with 2 pattern pieces which are each cut out 4 times. I did this as my Thanksgiving sewing and had it all done before the Turkey even went in the oven! Super fast sew!

I really love how this wrap top has turned out and I do think I will get a lot of wear out of it. The only issue is that I don’t have many plain clothes to wear with it, so some plain versions need to be sewn up as soon as possible! Especially as the pattern was so fast to make.

Sew essential, who sent me the fabric, are having a massive Black Friday “bonanza” which is definitely worth a look! Sewing machines, dress forms all the way through to sewing patterns are all included!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Love, Abigail x

One thought on “Gertie’s wrap top

  1. The colours really you and the style perfect to wear over your collection of Monetas so I bet there’ll be a few more in solids to be seen soon. I’m making a huge effort only to sew solids at the minute but it’s not easy! Good luck!


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