(Last minute) Me Made Christmas

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone enjoyed the lead up to Christmas and the day itself! I was so unorganised this year, and Christmas really snuck up on me… I normally organise gifts in November to reduce stress levels. However this year it got to the 18th and I realised I still had 90% of people to buy for!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I normally avoid making gifts for people. I am never sure what the reaction would be, and if people will realise that it actually costs more than simply buying things from the shop. And the time implications! It is definitely not a cheaper alternative as some/a lot of people believe!! This year however, I have made some gifts. On request…

My me made Christmas all started when my sister-in-law saw the Linden I made for the Linden Swap. She instantly loved it, and asked for an identical one. Luckily I had plenty of fabric. The Linden for the swap was inspired by Penny from Big Bang, as I saw her floral sleeve jumper and thought it was amazing. Love that it was slightly different, as most jumpers I have seen are floral bodice with a plain sleeve.

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 11.00.08.png

All my supplies for these Lindens were from Fab Works Mill Shop in Leeds. Their website is great, and always great at colour matching if you ask them to (just FYI)! The floral fabric is called Sketchy Blooms, and has a brilliant texture to it, and the plain fabric was just some black ponte roma.

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 11.09.32.png

My sister-in-law is really tall, so I just increased the bodice length my 2 inches, but didn’t have to make any other alternations! Perfect for a fast, and very satisfying sew. I think that all three Lindens look great together. I just hope my swap partner liked hers as much as my sister-in-law when she first saw it.




My sister-in-laws birthday is on Boxing Day too, so I decided to make her a surprise Linden too with fabric is hadn’t seen before. I got this abstract floral fabric from Guthrie & Ghani in Birmingham. It is gorgeous and soft but with enough body to it that it suits the jumper.

I top stitched on all the jumpers which is optional steps. I do really like the finish of the top stitching and think it looks so professional. I haven’t yet learnt to use the twin needle which I think will really finish the Lindens off well. It will go on my to-do list…

And everyone got homemade tags too this year for an added level of detail/love.

Since posting the Linden sweatshirt that I received in the swap from Rebecca (which I adore!), I have actually had a few other requests. This really does help with confidence levels.

My friend picked out this gorgeous penguin fabric from Dots N Stripes but unfortunately it didn’t arrive before Christmas. But hopefully it’s winter-y enough that it can be worn post Christmas anyway.

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 12.11.35.png

I did squeeze a bit of time to make myself some Christmas moneta dresses too! Two with the 3/4 sleeves and one with sleeves that I extended by 3 inches.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Christmas holidays.

Love, Abigail x

2 thoughts on “(Last minute) Me Made Christmas

  1. Your Lindens look great Abi. I love your Christmas Moneta dresses too – what a brilliant last-minute productive sewing session!
    The labels look very professional too.


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