Speckled Finlayson Sweater

Hey everyone,

Recently I have been on a real selfless sewing streak, with lots of sweaters and knitted scarves. It’s been great and I have really loved seeing everyone receive their gifts. I could actually get use to it and become more selfless all year round.

My brother requested a jumper when he saw his wife’s linden jumper I had made. Although the linden sweater fitted him, I felt that the neckline was too feminine on him. I spoke the ladies in Guthrie & Ghani and they did suggest that the neckline could be altered on the linden, but I decided that it was too much effort in the lead up to Christmas… maybe when I have more time I can do this.

Guthrie & Ghani had the Finlayson sweater from Thread Theory and thought it would look great on my brother. I have to say, I was very worried about if I would be able to sew it well even though it’s a beginner pattern. I haven’t even sewn a collar onto a jumper before, let alone a complex cross over one.

I got 2.3m of the speckled sweatshirt fabric (in turquoise/petrol blue) which is super soft and cosy. It’s fleece back is perfect for warm sweaters.

This is the first time I have ever sewn for a man, so a few steps were new for me. The pattern says the front and back shoulder edges are different lengths to account for the shoulder muscles. As per the instructions I added clear elastic into the shoulder seams to add strength.

The collar was actually very easy to sew together… it was just tricky pinning the collar to the main pieces as it means it becomes a bit twisted.

But the finished effect is excellent. I really love the look of it (I saw jumpers with these types of collars in Debenhams for £80!! So expensive for a jumper).

I did try and overlock the whole thing, for a more professional finish, but I actually couldn’t managed to attach the collar through overlocking. I felt that the twisted nature of how it’s attached meant that there was a chance I would actually cut layers that shouldn’t be cut. If I wasn’t rushed for time I may have persevered. I will do next time…

Top stitching the collar is an optional step which I did do. It gives a more professional finish and also helped the collar lay flat. I did have to iron this quite a bit as when I stitched it it did look like it had stretched out a bit (this was all done before I got the walking foot for my machine), but a bit of water and the iron really helped.

I didn’t top stitch either the arm cuffs of the hem band a I didn’t think they needed it as they both were laying pretty flat.

Someone wasn’t so keen on having his photo taken to start with…

But then he got in the modelling mode…

Really love it on him and so happy he liked it. Will probably make him a few more in the new year so he has a section of colours and prints.

That’s all my sewing for 2016. Hope everyone has a happy new year, and I look forward to what 2017 brings for both sewing and non sewing projects!

Love, Abigail x

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