Petal sleeves for the Moneta dress

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is doing great, and looking forward to Spring! I really am… more sunlight hours please…

I love doing different hacks on patterns, as this is a great way of personalising your clothes even more, and show off!

I have done petal sleeves on one of my moneta dresses, and I thought that a quick tutorial would be great. Please comment if you have any other ideas for this… this is essentially just what I worked out while I was sewing it myself.

Jersey I am using for this is sparkly silver and black ponte from Fab Works Mill Shop, which I really recommend. 

So here we go…

  1. Cut 4 sleeve pieces. These will make your petals. I have seen other tutorials were the sleeve has no seam under the arm, however, this means you have to sew the sleeves in as set in sleeves, rather than flat. I prefer flat insertion of sleeves, so this is why I have done it this way…


2. Decide how much of an extreme petal shape you want.

For this I want a small petal, so I cut my sleeves at the notch. For a more extreme petal shape, cut above the notch.


3. Make a marking where your petal will end. Draw a smooth curve from the sleeve edge at the far end, to your marked point. Cut. Repeat on the other 3 pattern pieces.

This is what you will then have…


4. Hem the sleeve bottoms.

You can either fold the sleeve over and stitch, or as I have done, use jersey binding to finish the edges. For this method, sew the binding with right sides together. Then fold to the inside of the sleeve and stitch down.


5. Pin and baste the two sleeves together at the shoulder seam. 


6. Pin the sleeve to the bodice, matching the centre top sleeve with the bodice shoulder seam, and the underarms. 

Stitch with your preferred method. 

7. Pin the side seams, matching up the bottom of the bodice, under arm Sean, and end of sleeve. Stitch the bodice and sleeve side seams to create one continuous seam
And there we have it… petal sleeves for the Moneta dress. I love mine, especially in this sparkly silver fabric from Fab Works Mill Shop as it’s now my ultimate party dress!! 

Happy sewing everyone

Love, Abigail x

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