Flattering Flint Shorts

Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is enjoying the summery days! To celebrate the warm weather, I decided to branch out and make something that my wardrobe was in major need of… shorts!!

So I have opted for the Megan Nielsen Flint shorts. I have seen a few popping up on Instagram and thought they were nice, but never enough to dive into it for myself. Then randomly, Tilly and the Buttons had a remnants sale of fabric from their kits. I saw their pink denim which people had being using for the Cleo dungarees and I seriously fell in love. I quickly put it into my basket and just had the sudden desire to make the Flint shorts! It’s the only pattern that pinged into my head. It was like I needed this pink denim to make me see the Flint shorts in a whole new light!!

The hot weather was very welcome as I put the prewash on, dried it and cut all the pattern pieces out all after work and did all the sewing the next day.


Now I will say I did rush these and they are far from perfect… but I love them.

I would overlock every piece separately next time rather than trying to do them together as that was a nightmare, but I will just regard this pair as a wareable toile…

Now one thing I do love is that these shorts are not tight around my thighs. I have always been “thigh dominant” and struggle constantly with shop bought clothes fitting over my thighs, so this was a super happy surprise that they fit so nicely.

For a first run I didn’t make any alterations (well that’s a lie… I made one). I just wanted to see how it fitted straight out the pack… so these are a medium, but I did a 1″ hem rather than the specified 2″ hem (I just knew I would feel happier keeping them that little bit longer).

They are a little big for me so I might need to take them in, but they are still very wearable! I would also under stitch the pockets in future, as mine keep rolling out, which is super annoying and makes them look much less professional!

I have to say I really love these shorts and I have worn them quite a few times already (including on moving house day!).

First house selfie…


I will definitely be sewing up some more Flints in the next few weeks.

As always, let me know what you think, and happy sewing.

Love, Abigail x

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