Painting the town red – 2017 Cocktail Hour

Hi everyone, 

I was so lucky this year to be involved in McCall Pattern’s cocktail hour in association with The Eve Appeal. If you don’t know about the appeal already, it is all in aid of women’s cancers. This is a subject incredible close to my heart with a number of women around me affected by this awful disease. 

When I was asked to be involved, of course I jumped at the chance, and it was greatly helped by the fact that the patterns on offer are wonderful. 

I chose the Vogue 1471 dress. As soon as I saw it I fell in love! Which was an odd one for me as it is so far out of my comfort zone… I have never worn anything like this before (with such a deep V), and I have never ever sewn with lace before. But I jumped in anyway. 

Finding stretch lace which was not for lingerie was really hard. The issue with lingerie lace is that it is really narrow. But after lots of searching I decided to just send for a million samples from Minerva Crafts and hope for the best. Lots came which I wasn’t a fan of, but I did eventually find the one! A gorgeous red lace with scalloped edges. Perfect. (Its now on sale… even better!)

Now the pattern also calls for Tricot. I have to admit, I had never heard of this before, and I didnt want to deviate away from the pattern too much, as I felt like that was really testing fate. Luckily for me, Stone Fabrics had some listed on their website. As I didnt know what I was doing, I did ring and ask them lots of questions first and they were amazing. I went with their suggest and ordered a heavy weight flesh colour tricot.

Now for the pattern…

I had to set aside quite a lot of time to cut out as the dress is both underlined and lined. So many pieces! But we got there in the end. 

I really took my time with this project, and I am so pleased that I did. I love the overall dress, and I am so pleased I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. The only issue I have is actually that between starting this dress and finishing, I have lost quite a lot of weight. This meant I had a lot of fitting issues, because I was taking it in but not want to make the deep V spread wider. So lesson learnt… don’t lose weight! Hahaha. 

I couldn’t help but take photos during the process… of course…

I did do the sewing a bit of a weird way, as I wanted to do the bottom ruffle last so that I could decide if I lengthened the dress. I did in the end lengthen it by 3 inches!

And here she is in all her glory…!

I also really love the exposed zip!

Also love that the design means I can actually just wear my normal bra!! Haha!

Hope you all like the dress, especially as the lovely people at McCall Patterns are giving away one of my lucky followers the pattern to make their own. Comment below with your favourite cocktail and I will pick a winner at random on Friday 25th August at 8pm. Comments after this date will not be counted. Good luck! 

You can also get involved… there are 20 patterns included in this Cocktail Hour event, and for each pattern purchased, the Eve Appeal get a donation!! Win win win! So please get involved. 

Lots of love, Abigail x

9 thoughts on “Painting the town red – 2017 Cocktail Hour

  1. Wow. Both you and the dress are stunning. Nice one Abi working out of your comfort zone with regards pattern style (deep V) then totally and utterly owning it!! I don’t drink but always love a virgin Mojito on a hot day x


  2. Absolutely stunning! Many years ago I had a cocktail which had baileys and mint choc icecream in it. Not sure where from or what it was called but it was gorgeous!


  3. Looks awesome! I think I might be ready to venture out of my comfort zone and work with some lace. I want to alter my wedding dress sometime, but think I might be too scared until I have tried another lace project. And I am a big fan of a Hugo cocktail at the moment. Was recently introduced to them in Italy.


  4. What a beautiful dress, the smile on your face goes to show going outside your comfort zone can give great results. My fave cocktail is a white Russian, yummy!


  5. Stunning dress!! My favourite cocktail is a virgin mojito – I don’t drink alcohol but discovering virgin cocktails has really improved going to for a drink 🙂


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