Moneta dresses – Thrice as nice

Hey everyone,

Hope you are all well! This is my first blog post in 2018! Shocking I know. Sorry to my lovely followers for not being around.

As many of you know I lost my enjoyment of sewing, which of course meant the blog took a hit too! But I have been sewing for my own enjoyment (rather than making something solely to be able to post), but I am now ready to show off some of my new makes!

So today I’m showing my latest moneta dresses! I love the moneta dress, but I haven’t made one since the moneta party.

We organised the party to give this pattern lots of love, but it highlighted that I was maybe a bit too obsessed with it. But now I realise there is no such thing as TOO many monetas!

Well now I am back making them and the love has definitely not changed!


I couldn’t find my old paper pattern with all my alterations on it so I had to use a new one… Luckily I had one which was sent to me by Colette in my stash! Thanks so much Colette!!!
Because I didn’t have my old pattern I didn’t know exactly what my usual alterations were. Also my body shape has changed a lot recently (more about that another day) so the purple moneta is out of the box, with the pink with some alternations and the multicoloured one having the most alterations.

So I definitely do not fit straight out the box!


So firstly the purple one…

This fabric is gorgeous Art Gallery jersey, purchased at Minerva Crafts.

Its super lovely and I have had it in my stash for ages, too worried to cut into it! So of course I thought a moneta would mean loads of wears…

I knew that I needed to shorten the bodice by 2cm, so I did this for this dress. But because I didn’t make any other alterations (silly me!) I really don’t love this one! It gapes at the neckline, and the arm hole, as you can see in the photo!


IMG_0174 2

For the next dress, I learnt my lesson and used cheaper fabric, just in case. This is plain pink Ponte.

For this one I took a wedge out the centre front and back to get rid of that gaping and also the gaping at the arm hole! Now it sits so much better across my front!


But then the arm hole is too high.

It is wearable, but it sits too much into my arm pit in my opinion.


So my next alteration was to then lower the bottom of the arm hole by 1cm.

By the third dress I had fixed both issues so this is definitely the favourite!

The fabric is Art Gallery jersey, also from Minerva Crafts.

Now that the alterations are done, this one fits great across my chest, and the arm hole.

IMG_0140 3


So here is my verdict of the three dresses…

Now, although the pink dress is a “so-so” verdict, I will still wear it to work, but maybe just not on super hot days seen as the dress is too much in my arm pit.


Maybe at some point I get 1m of the purple Art Gallery fabric so that I can redo the bodice so that its not a wasted dress… but for now I can’t afford it unfortunately.

Hope you all liked my new moneta dresses.

I have a few projects on the go at the moment, so it won’t be long before the next blog… I promise.

Love, Abigail x


5 thoughts on “Moneta dresses – Thrice as nice

  1. The latest is my favourite, but all are successful per photos. I think the lighter print suits your colouring very well.


  2. Love the purple but all are fine -and totally wearable in spite of your issues with them. Glad you’ve got your sewing mojo back. I’m about to start my second Moneta. The first was not a success so it scared me off. Decided to take the plunge again.


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