New Wardrobe, New Me!

Hey everyone,

I have been doing some toiles of new clothes recently, but also been buying a few things to top up my wardrobe… (I know, I know… but desperate times).

My wardrobe hasn’t completely changed though, and there are some of my usual staples there (**cough cough moneta dresses**), but it has largely changed, so I am going to show you what I am loving right now, and not loving so much too.

And of course a big thank you to my lovely husband for taking these photos for me!

So the 1 millionth reason I love the moneta dress is it stretches wonderfully and hides certain changes to my body…


Thats right… WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!

So I’m letting my changing body dictate what I am wanting and needing to sew right now!

(Sorry for all the bump holding pictures, but I have also been using this photos to document the growing bump!!!)

So I will start off with a RTW dress which I have owned for many years… I posted about it while I was on honeymoon, but it has become my favourite weekend dress at the moment! The second RTW dress is one that the husband bought for me for my birthday and is from a maternity retailer, and I feel fantastic in it!

Japan dress


I don’t wear this shape very often, but the confidence I get from this dress really has shown to me that I need to wear it more! So off I went to find a pattern which was similar. Cue the Tilly and the Buttons Agnes pattern!

The lovely husband purchased and printed it for me, so he got some major brownie points here… If only he would also stick it all together…

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 18.44.35.png

I tried this pattern before (pre blogging), but found that the sizing was completely off for me! Because of this, I decided that a toile was needed, and thank goodness I did. I measured myself and I was comfortably in the size 5, however once I had sewn it up it was positively huge! So I went down 2 dress sizes (based on how much I could pull it out at the sides) and made a second toile… but yet again I really could have gone in again!


For the 3rd toile I also nipped it in under the bust to highlight that part of my body, and I am so pleased I did. It is still roomy, but I guess that isn’t such a bad thing 😉

blue agnes

I was also super happy when I found some Art Gallery Fabric jersey in my stash (gifted from Minerva Crafts), and managed to squeeze another Agnes dress from it… just. You will probably recognise the fabric from my Moneta dress which I made for the Moneta Party.

The Agnes is a much simpler design than the Japanese print RTW dress, so I am thinking of also doing a hack that gets me a waist tie and pockets… because… well… pockets! But need to get my thinking hat on as to how I would actually do it.

art gallery moneta

Another pattern I have tried is the Megan Nielsen Erin skirt. I had seen many gorgeous versions made by Sew Mary Lou and knew I had to at least give my own version a go!

The instructions said to go for your pre pregnancy size, so I cut out a medium, and apart from being a bit shorter in the chest/bump length, it fits me perfectly without any alterations!

And best of all… it took me 1 hour to cut out and sew! WIN!


One thing that I am definitely not loving is the lack of trouser/bottom half patterns! I know some people have done hacks, but a pattern which you can follow directly would be amazing. I am low in energy anyway, so trying to do a hack is a no no for me right now.

But then again, I am also not enjoying maternity trousers from the shops! I have tried on a few as they would help with my work wardrobe, but I do not find the very short crotch areas comfortable.

Can any mamas out there tell me if this gets more comfortable as I get bigger, or am I destined to not wear trousers for the next 5 months?

I have found some lovely maternity gym kit, which I am so thankful for as I am still going to the gym every week.


I am now looking forward to sewing even more clothes for my new wardrobe!

Hope you all enjoyed the change of style as much as I have!

Love, Abigail x




6 thoughts on “New Wardrobe, New Me!

  1. Congrats!! You look fab – pregnancy suits you! I’m currently 31 weeks and have to say I’ve all but given up trousers. I have some good maternity jeans I bought early on (from Next – the only place that had decent short legged preggo jeans. I ordered about 30 pairs from different places trying to find some!) But with this weather I have basically stopped wearing anything but dresses. Even pjs that were ok early on are now too short in the crotch. But on the plus side, dresses and skirts look super cute on the bump so I’m just embracing that! 😂 Good luck with your maternity wardrobe…I’ve actually really enjoyed dressing and sewing for my changing shape – it’s quite liberating!! Xx


  2. Congratulations! I’m afraid to say that apart from leggings or maternity jeans, the ones with a huge jersey panel at the top that goes right up over the bump, I failed to find any trousers that were comfy enough to wear for any length of time during either of my recent-ish pregnancies. On the plus side though that kind of trouser is also quite good for a few weeks after the birth while things get more back towards normal.


  3. Congratulations!! You’re looking fab! I did find the trousers and jeans got more comfortable as I got bigger. But one pair of jeans didn’t, so I turned it into a maternity denim skirt. For RTW Bon Prix have a pretty good selection of mat wear!


  4. Congratulations. I did some hacking of trousers from the charity shops and blogged about the changes I made. They were great for most of my pregnancy, but later on I struggled to find over the bump things which didn’t fall down and have been wearing some under the bump ones from Burton.


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