The start of something special…

Hey everyone,

This weekend I have sewn the speediest project ever! From the post arriving to the garment being made was less than 18 hours (with a 7 hour sleep in between too).

So I’ve seen over the years that everyone has raved about the True Bias Ogden Cami, but I’d never got on the bandwagon. Until now.

This pattern definitely appealed to me because of how quick people had said it was to make, and that’s ideal when my daughter is inconsistent with her napping. Also thought it could be great for our upcoming holiday to Italy.

I got the pattern from Sew Essential, and used cheap fabric from my stash as the first go. I wanted to use some gorgeous Art Gallery fabric from my stash but didn’t want to potentially waste it.

The sewing was simple, and the instructions were really clear and easy to follow. So huge plus points there. I don’t know the exact composition of the fabric, but it was very manageable with limited slipping.

I made a size 14 based on my measurements. Although my chest measurement was actually 1/2″ larger than the 14, but went with it anyway as I knew I would be stopping breastfeeding and that my breast size would decrease.

I made the cami with no alterations to start with, but after constructing it I decided to reduce the strap length by 3cm/1.2″ as there was a LOT of bra showing (although it might need to be decreased again!).

Other than the strap length I’m really happy with the overall fit, so I’m pleased I went for the size 14. The top is also so quick to make that I’m not concerned about the fact I’m trying to lose weight, and this one could (hopefully) not fit me soon as I can just make more!

As you can see there is still a lot of my bra showing at the back, hence why I think I might need to reduce the straps again!

I’m already making my next Ogden cami, which I will share with you all once it’s made!!

Hope you liked it, and it’s great to be back to blogging 😉

Love, Abigail x

One thought on “The start of something special…

  1. Lovely to hear from you again on the blog front. A fab Ogden Cami there. I agree with you and I think on your next one with shorter straps it will be perfect!


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