Gorgeous pink Vogue9075 jumpsuit

Hi everyone,


Hope you have all enjoyed the amazing summer! I have been so fortunate to have had a long summer holiday, attended a lovely wedding, enjoyed some much-needed sewing time and even had a glorious full sewing weekend curtesy of the Sewing Weekender! If you haven’t been before, I would really recommend it. Lots of sewing time, yes, but the best bit was definitely meeting so many people who love sewing just as much as me!


This summer, with only a few days notice, I decided to make my outfit for a wedding. I knew the fabric I wanted to use immediately, and also had a good idea on what pattern. Sounds stress free, right?! Wrong! With the limited time I was counting on nap times and evenings to do my sewing, but Harriet had other ideas. A week of awful naps and awful night times meant I was absolutely shattered, so evenings I just wanted to go to bed by 8pm, and naps were so short that they were virtually useless.


This resulted in, a few days before the wedding, me trawling through ASOS for a wedding guest jumpsuit. I was so demotivated, and yet seeing nothing that I thought would actually suit me also made me feel motivated. After a few late nights, and sewing the morning of the wedding, I did actually get it finished and I’m so pleased I powered through.


The fabric I chose was a liberty cotton lawn, which had been in my stash for years (I think 2 or 3, but I’m not actually sure because I’m terrible at recording or taking notes on the fabrics in my stash). The hints of purples are lovely, and break up the pink. As you would expect from a liberty cotton lawn, it feels gorgeous and has a lovely movement to it, so I was super excited to see it finally turn in to a garment.


I opted for the Vogue 9075 pattern. The pattern includes a princess seam bodice with either a skirt view or culottes. I loved the idea of going to a wedding wearing a jumpsuit, so I cut out view B. I did so much research before actually cutting out, as the pattern comes with a petite option whereby the bodice and culottes lengths are shortened. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any blogs that said they used this option, and informed me what their height actually was. After lots of scratching my head I decided to opt for the shortened bodice, but left the culottes length alone.



I also read Emily’s post on her Vogue jumpsuit, where she lowered the back of her bodice so that she could reach the zip and not need help getting in and out of it. This was a revelation to me, and I decided this was an absolute must. Definitely didn’t want to have to ask for help every time I wanted to go to the toilets at the wedding!!


The pattern itself was actually quick to put together which helped a lot. But the fitting needed some adjusting once I was finished. The back of the jumpsuit was gaping a LOT, so as a quick fix the night before the wedding, I simply raised the shoulders by an inch. However, this meant that everything was pulled up, so I was then giving myself a wedgy. So, I lowered the crotch first of by an inch, but then settled with an inch and a half. I’m sure that these alterations are not the “proper” way of fixing these issues, but with no time, and having not done a toile it just had to do.



While it might not have been the “proper” way, I think it actually looks good, and not like I completely winged it. I was also not totally sure on the length of the culottes, but the more I wear it, the more I’m converted to the midi/maxi length on my 5 foot frame.


I also completely forgot to take photos at the wedding so my parents garden will have to do (although it is super lovely).






Hope you enjoyed my vogue jumpsuit. I think you will all be seeing a few more of this pattern in the future!!


What are you all currently wearing a lot?


Love, Abigail x

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