Two Tilly’s are better than one!

Hey everyone

Hope you are all enjoying the start of autumn! I’m dreaming of dresses with boots, cosy jumpers and relaxing under my blankets with a cup of hot chocolate (or two)!

I’ve been getting a fair bit of sewing in recently so I’ve actually got two dresses to show you this time. As soon a I saw the new Tilly and the Buttons pattern I loved it. The indigo pattern is sooooo different to what I usually wear but something really caught my eye with this one. On the day of release I bought it, got my husband to print it and got in with it as soon as I physically could. (Now for me this is a huge deal as I usually buy patterns and they sit in my stash for ages before I use them!!)

For the first indigo dress I used some lovely Lady McElroy cotton lawn fabric from my stash. I got it a few years ago from Guthrie and Ghani, in Birmingham, with no project in mind… just because I loved it. So it felt so nice to finally use it.

I sewed the indigo in a size 6 with no alterations. I love how it turned out. It’s very comfy and hides the mum tum that I still have. I managed to sew this dress up in less than a day. The lack of fastenings really helps to make this dress a quick and satisfying make.

I actually wore it a few times before managing to get photos of it, but finally at the Handmade Festival I got a couple of pics…

The main issue I have with this dress is after a day of wearing it, picking up Harriet and general day to day jobs it looks so creased! I guess I just have to take that seen as I used lawn rather than something like viscose. I will still wear it, but it will definitely mean I will think of the fabric choices more for future indigo dresses…

For my second indigo dress I opted to go down a size as I felt that it would still be boxy enough but take out some of the bulk. While I much prefer the look of it while it’s on (as it’s still smocky without being like a tent), it is harder to get on and off due to the fact that there is no fastenings.

This time I used some gorgeous printed denim which I bought from The Village Haberdashery online store. I’ve worn this ones loads too, despite finding it a bit tougher getting it on.

This time I shortened the sleeves which are much more me, so I’m pleased I did. Thinking I should shorten the sleeves of my first indigo dress too… it might help it feel less creased maybe?!

These two will definitely be the first of many indigo dresses in my wardrobe! Already dreaming up a fun leopard print version.

Have you sewn up the indigo dress yet? Or just not your style?

Hope you enjoyed my latest makes. As always, thanks for reading 🙂

Love, Abigail x

4 thoughts on “Two Tilly’s are better than one!

  1. Hi Abigail, I love your blog post. Your indigo dresses look gorgeous on you, & I’m so inspired to get on with making my first one now (bought the pattern from Tilly at the handmade festival) that I’m going to start right now! (I’m supposed to be cooking the dinner 😉) x

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