My “forget me not” Myosotis

Hey everyone

I’ve had some lovely sewing time recently and decided to treat myself to a new dress to mark being a mum for one whole year! How is my tiny baby already a year old!! Everyone says it goes fast but my gosh that flew by…

My lovely husband, Gary, bought me 3m of gorgeous leopard print viscose crepe the other week. (Although I did have to check out on the Sew Me Sunshine website myself as he was so worried he would buy the wrong thing!!)

When he first bought it I was going back and forth in my head as to weather it would become a Tilly and the Buttons Indigo dress or a Deer and Doe Myosotis dress. But on feeling the fabric when it arrived I just knew it needed to be a stunning Myosotis dress. I absolutely love the Forget Me Not (or myosotis) flowers… they are beautiful and I think this dress is as equally beautiful.

I’ve already made one Myosotis dress in a cotton lawn (in colaboration with Minerva, and the post will be on their blog soon), but this fabric was much more structured that this crepe so I knew the dresses would be soooo different.

I did find cutting out the pattern really stressful. It moved around a lot, even with the slightest touch. I used pins and scissors, but I should have used weights and a rotary cutter. So first lesson learnt…

I cut out a size 44 with no alterations to the bodice. I lengthened the skirt and added the ruffle (I left the sleeves for now as you will read below).

The actual sewing was nice and easy. The stress levels definitely decreased by that point. I did most of the sewing in the evenings, as you might have seen from my Instagram that I’ve moved my sewing room to downstairs. So I’m now a lot more productive.

I did all the construction before cutting out the sleeves as I couldn’t decide what sleeve type I was wanting, but during the process I completely fell in love with the idea of having bishop sleeves! I then saw Juliet of Sew So Natural‘s YouTube tutorial on adding a cuff to a sleeve, which I thought would look great on my dress.

Now completely set on the idea, I drew out the sleeve pattern using Elisalex’s tutorial on creating a bishop sleeve. I used the original pattern piece to know the sleeve head size, then extended the sides (as the original is only for a short sleeve) to the length I estimated for myself. After spreading (I won’t go in to how to do a bishop sleeve as the tutorial from Elisalex is so good), and tracing the now spread pattern piece I was feeling pretty amazing about what this was going to look like… only to find I didn’t have enough fabric! I wanted to cry. Quick check on Sew Me Sunshine, and they were out of stock. I wanted to cry even more! Lots of googling and I finally found some in stock in Fabrics Galore! Hurray!

A day and a half later I had the fabric (thank you so much Fabrics Galore for such speedy shipping), and had washed and cut it.

I’ve opted for poppers/pressers because I liked the simplicity of them against the busy fabric. It’s my first time doing them and I made some mistakes so I had to completely redo the cuffs as my original cuffs each had a rip in them.

I actually think I could have gone bigger on the bishop sleeve! It still feels a little reserved, but I am totally in love with the long sleeve and I’m already plotting what other outfits I can add bishops sleeves to!

I think this dress has also started a new love affair with viscose crepe fabric. I really love how it moves and feels and I just have to remember to take care when cutting it out.

Hope you have all enjoyed my new dress as much as I do (ok I don’t think that’s actually possible, but maybe half the amount I love it?! Haha)

I’m already sewing a new shirt, so I will be back very soon…

Love, Abigail x

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