A Liberty Honeycomb! Yum!

Hey everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying some valuable sewing time.

This time I am coming to you with the CocoWawa Crafts honeycomb shirt. You may have seen that I have already sewn one of these in collaboration with Minerva.com as part of their blogger team. For that one I used a viscose challis which had a beautiful flow to it, and as such gave a quite unstructured honeycomb shirt.

So this time I decided to use some cotton lawn from LIBERTY! Gorgeous. I got this quite a while back from The Village Haberdashery’s online store. I have to confess, I bought this with absolutely no idea what to make with it, but the old point system at The Village Haberdashery was going to run out and a had a lot of points, so I used them towards this. But I am very appreciative of past Abigail!!

The shirt I made before is now too big for me so I opted to go down a size, even though this fabric has less movement to it. (Previous one was a size 6, with this one a size 5). Luckily this risk wasn’t in vain.


I did make a few adjustments along the way. Some of which were the same as last time, so I should really have written them down and actually adjusted the paper pattern. These included taking the shirt in at the side seams and tapering it in to the waist seam. I also used the size 6 peplum size, so give a more gathered look which I really like.


An alteration that I should have done last time, but didn’t, was a narrow shoulder adjustment. Now I also decided to do this too late to do it properly (I should have taken the shirt in at the princess seam), so I had to do the “quick and dirty” method of creating a new arm hole with the bias binding (going in by an inch and a half at the shoulder). I did it this way as I had already done the burrito method for the facings at the time of deciding I wanted a narrower shoulder. Oops! Lesson has definitely been learnt. I will not make the same mistake next time.

The arm hole is also a little too low for my liking, but I think thats as a function of my not so clever way of doing the shoulder/arm hole adjustment…


I also finally found a use for some buttons that I think were gifted to me when I started sewing about 15 years ago! (If it wasn’t 15 years ago, it was definitely 10+). As a more novelty shape I had never found a use, and thought I never would, but I think they are really lovely on this shirt! So a very very late thank you to mum and dad!!


Overall I am really happy with this shirt. I want to do another one making the alterations at the correct points in order to have a finished garment that looks a tad more professional.



Hope you all liked my shirt. Have you made the Honeycomb before? I’m already planning out number 3!

Love, Abigail x

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