Suede jumper of my dreams

Hey everyone,

Hope you are all well and are relaxing after busy Christmas and New Year celebrations.

I am here today to show off my latest make which I am so in love with! Just before Christmas I purchased some blush pink suede scuba fabric from Abakhan (there are 5 colours to choose from). When I bought it I was on a mission to sew and wear more plain garments. This is the first one ticked off and I absolutely love wearing it, so I’m pleased I started this mission as it made me think more about my wardrobe and make more conscious fabric decisions.

Now I don’t think words can really do this fabric justice… the suede nature is so soft and beautiful. I literally want to (and do) stroke it all the time. The back is also really soft, so is a joy to wear (perfect for then wearing short sleeved or strap tops underneath). As it is a scuba it has a great stretch to it, fantastic recovery, and is heavy weight so holds the shape of my top really well. And on top of all those amazing features, it was also an absolute bargain! What’s not to love!

The pattern I used is the Seamwork Oliver top, which has these gorgeous lantern sleeves. I think these sleeves really do need a heavy weight knit, so that the shape of the lantern holds up and can be appreciated. In my opinion, the scuba works really well for this as it has no drape…

The pattern itself is so easy to make. I think a totally of two evenings… the only issue I had was with the how to secure the facings without stitching being seen from the outside. But the lovely community on instagram were a huge help! So thank you everyone for the amazing advice.

The sleeves being oversized would normally mean feeling swamped fabric, but it really doesn’t at all. I feel really confident in how I look, and definitely think this jumper will be worn really regularly!!!

I don’t normally like the more cropped length top on me, but I really wanted to try something different, because otherwise I would always just stay in my comfort zone. I think this will have to grow on me, but I have some high waisted trousers in the pipeline which I think this jumper would look INCREDIBLE with!


Anyway, hope you like my Oliver jumper.

See you all next time,

Love, Abigail x

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