Breastfeeding Sewing – No Hacking Way!

Hey everyone,


Firstly, if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I announced my intention of doing a breastfeeding sewing blog series. Well I would like to thank everyone for their encouragements and support! I had so many messages which really helped to spur me on to get it started!


The series will be hacking existing patterns to make them breastfeeding friendly, but to start with I am going to cover what patterns there are out there that need zero hacking to make them feeding friendly. Hence “no hacking way”! Some of these will be ones I have sewn and fed in, some I just know will be suitable, and others are ones I haven’t sewn but wanted to share as they look like amazing solutions. There will of course be a huge number of others, but it really would be impossible to cover them all (also you will just be so bored of reading it!).


So, lets get started…


Firstly, I will cover button ups.

Button ups (such as shirts) are easy access and make up a huge majority of the fast fashion feeding clothes. As you will be creating the tops yourselves, the buttons can be then positioned to fit your own body shape, and help reduce the exposure. Also, an idea shared on my Instagram which I loved, was to swap out the buttons for poppers for even quicker and easier access! Ingenious.


  • Deer and Doe Myosotis dress
    • I love this pattern. It’s one of my favourites – so feminine, classy and accessible. Baby groups, however, are not really suitable for the beautiful mid length dresses, so I would suggest making it shorter for a cute peplum top.
  • CocoWawa Patterns Honeycomb shirt
    • I have quite of few of these, and they made up a big percentage of my breastfeeding wardrobe last time around. Great peplum length with the addition of side ties which are fantastic for the fluctuating weight caused by maternity leave/feeding cake eating!
  • Chalk and Notch fringe dress and top
    • I haven’t actually made this one (photos from their website), but its printed and on my “to do” list. I personally love the shape as its floatier over the tummy area.
  • Mimi G Style “The Mimi”
    • I spotted this dress pattern the other day and knew it had to go into the list! I slim fitted dress (although could be a top too), with snaps as the closure. As it is t-shirt like (based on the shape but also that it requires jersey knit fabric), it would make a great casual staple in any wardrobe, but can be dressed up too based on the fabric chosen.
  • Sew Over It Libby shirt
    • I have one of these shirts nearly finished so I should just get on with adding the buttons. Lovely boxy shirt pattern, which will look really different depending on the fabric chosen.
  • Papercut Patterns Nexus Blouse
    • This top has an almost cardigan feel to it, with gorgeous bishop sleeves. Stunning (although I might wear a feeding cami underneath).


Secondly, we have wrap style tops and dresses.

Another style that fast fashion use a lot. Only issue, most of my shop bought tops just stretch more and more and by the final feed of the day it feels almost pointless trying to cover up the boobies anymore. But we can fix that by sewing up our own versions, after all.


  • Sew Over It Georgie Dress
    • This jersey wrap dress is an absolutely favourite of mine! I think I’m at 5 versions already… one thing I love is the fact that they get you to add clear elastic in the neckline to stop it from gaping. This stops the dress from stretching out, even after lots of pulling around.
  • By Hand London Hannah dress
    • I haven’t made one, but I did see that Elisalex posted about her sister in law feeding in the Hannah dress. The simple wrap style has ties on either side of the bodice, so you could loosen these to gain access, rather than pulling the bias neckline.
  • Papercut Patterns Sequence Blouse or Fibre Mood Wallys Blouse
    • Two very similar patterns and both require woven fabrics. I love the crop style of both, but also the sleeve variations from each of them. These should also be fast makes, which is perfect while also juggling parenting to a feeding machine!


Sew Over It London also have some feeding patterns available, including the Blossom and Lily patterns. These are not my personal style (especially the Lily pattern – pictured below) but they are great for not needing to change anything, and the sizing (should) be catered for the larger boob shape that breastmilk creates.

Also, there is a feeding hack available for the Kielo wrap dress by Named Clothing. This hack creates a hole in the side seams that you can lift up to get breast access. Yes, it is a hack, but it is so simple (basically don’t sew some of the seam!) so I felt like it was suitable for this blog post. I also won’t be doing a blog on my version, as it is soooooo simple and the hack tutorial available is fantastic!!


I have been looking for two layer garments (which are readily available on the high street), but no luck. So this is something I will be exploring in the blog series, as well as lots of other styles!!


Please also let me know if there is a pattern you love and is feeding friendly and I will add it to the list, to help everyone 🙂


I will be back really soon with the first hack…


Love, Abigail x


3 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Sewing – No Hacking Way!

  1. Lots of great ideas here – I’ve been meaning to try the ‘knot your average’ top and dress by 5 out of 4 patterns but baby is 8 months old now, so I’ll prob never get round to it 🤣


  2. Brilliant post Abigail, there are loads of fab options here. I will say I tried the Sew Over It Lily, and found the fit on the arms impossible and gave up (I believe this is a common problem with SOI?). Maybe worth noting that it may need a full bicep adjustment for those of us not blessed with Lisa’s arms LOL! Happy pregnancy xx


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